blogger award

I was surprised and chuffed to be given this award by fellow blogger ‘tylluanpenry’! Thanks, tylluanpenry 🙂

In return I have to do two things:
1. Tell you seven things about myself you might not know
2. Pass the award on to give blogs I love.

The seven things about myself you might not know was quite easy, choosing five blogs that I love to pass this award onto was very difficult, hense the list being a little longer, which could have easily been even longer than that.

My secret seven are….

1. I am a twin, she is an hour and a half older than me. We don’t look like twins but more like sisters but everyone gets us mixed up on the telephone.
2.I’ve kept my favourite leather trousers which I had when I was 18 in the hope that some day I may fit into them.
3.I’m very tidy and drive the family potty as I tidy things up and forget where I have put them.
4.I’ve always had a secret desire to write a book.
5.I love plants but they don’t like me and I just seem to have the knack of killing them.
6.I’m a listaholic, I have to have writing pads near me and am always making lists.
7.I am desperate to have a holiday in a mobile home.

Blogs that I would like to pass this award onto are…

http://janetweightreed10.blog.co.uk/…….for her beautiful art work
http://www.blog.co.uk/user/miramaze/…….for her attitude to life
http://kiwiriverman.blogspot.com/……for his love of writing
http://www.blog.co.uk/user/SeasideMan/……for his amazing photography http://www.blog.co.uk/user/Bushka/……for his many blogs and comments
http://tzelem-enosh.blog.co.uk/…..for sharing his life and thoughts with us
http://dizzylizzy.blog.co.uk/…….for her hilarious blog
http://faffajane.blog.co.uk/……for a fun blog to read
http://godschool.blog.co.uk/……for her care and support
http://silverscribbler.blog.co.uk/…..for her photography work

22 thoughts on “THE BLOG AWARD…”

  1. I was very surprised and embarrassed to by your very kind gesture. Perhaps, one of the most characteristic things about me, is that I feel uncomfortable getting any prize or award, and since I try to do unto others as I would have them do to me, I couldn’t possibly forward the award on to those whose blogs I read with great pleasure, and appreciate. Having had public roles in the past, I am careful about privacy too. In my blog, I choose what to reveal about myself, and what not. And though I am sure that some people enjoy the opportunity to tell personal things about themselves that would otherwise not be known, I have already done quite a bit of that in my blog. Some people choose not even to show a picture of themselves or reveal their names on their blogs. I have done that, and much more. And I believe that anyone who is really interested in me, can find quite a bit in my writing. But I regret to say that this award seems inappropriate for me, and I beg you and your readers to forgive my reluctance to play by the rules of this game.


  2. I agree with Shimon,a lot of things are there.On theother hand one can reveal trivial things like
    1. I’m afraid of sewing machines
    2. I like jacket potatoes.
    3.I hate statistics.
    4 I like balloons
    5 i am not a twin
    6.I have vivid dreams.
    7.~My favourite colour is ble
    8 My second favourite colour is teal.
    9 Sometimes ~I forget to comb my hair
    10 I once went into a park[when i was an adult] and went on the swings in the playground
    11 I prefer butter to nargaerine.
    12 I can’t stop making lists
    13 My ancestors were Vikings who killed innocent Celts here in the UK.
    14 Like most English people I’m a mixture of Nordic,Celtic,Anglo-Saxon,Ancient Brit,Norman French,Jewish,


  3. Your very welcome Shimon and I understand how you feel. I just wanted you to know how special you and your blog are to me here in blog land but I understand the privacy side of things for you. I will take you off the list but thank you for commenting and wish you and your family a lovely weekend. 🙂 Take care x


  4. Congratulations Barmac! You deserve an award for all the research you are doing to help others stay on keel, and learn how to handle pain.
    It is a good thing and we all thank you.
    Pain cannot always be seen, and there are those who live lives of misery and hide their pain. Your loving and gentle instructions often help others who feel isolated, because however much pain they feel, it cannot be seen by others.
    It can then be a lonely world.
    Thank you for all you do, Barmac. XXX JW


    1. Thank you so much Charlotte for such a lovely comment. I love helping people and I guess with my back problems, this is my way of doing it. Everything you say is so true. It can be a very lonely world but with the access of the internet you can find some friends in the same situation as you. Take care of yourself B xx


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    1. Hi Lilly,
      Thanks for your input on substabce addiction. I am sure I will not be the only one who enjoyed reading your knowledge on this subject.


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