You can’t help but feel a bit low when you are in pain so why not try a few natural mood enhancers to help you feel a bit better.

Valerian – this is a herbal remedy created from dried roots,and is also used as a sleep aid and for anxiety.

Lavender – you can take this in so many ways in the bath, as an oil, or drink it to enhance relaxation and possibly help relieve anxiety or depression.

Omega 3 – fatty acids, you can find these in cold water fish and certain vegetable oils or take it as a supplement.

B Vitamins – this is essential for our nervous system and can be taken as a supplement. It also gives you renewed energy levels when you are feeling tired and depressed.

Vitamin D – this can be excellent if you are also suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which can effect people who are suffering from chronic pain and have to stay inside a lot more in the winter months.

St. John’s Wart – its been used for centuries but does have some nasty side effects.

5-HTP – this amino acid acts as a precursor to serotonin. It is derived from natural plant sources, and can help with mild to moderate fluctuations in mood and will help you feel more calm and relaxed.

Vitamin C – it is known to help boost the immune system which can then help the body and the mind to fight off stress.

Failing that, grab your favourite dark chocolate bar or a cup of cocoa and enjoy !! The nice feeling you get from eating chocolate doesn’t come from the taste alone. Research has revealed more to it than that. Chocolate actually works on the human brain in several different ways to enhance your mood !


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