They say sleep is very important to function. They say that we can lose weight if we sleep well. They say that we need around 6 hours of sleep a night.

Unfortunately people suffering from chronic pain and many who suffer from Fibromyalgia can only dream about sleeping well.

It’s the quality of our sleep which can have an impact on every part of our lives.

Sleep deprivation affects every part of our body, and so there are a maze of suggestions, meditation hypnosis, products and pills, that they say can help you to get to sleep.

The trouble with Fibromyalgia sufferers like myself, it’s not ‘going off’ to sleep, that we have a problem with but the ‘staying asleep’ that is impossible for us.

Numbness is quite a common thing to wake up Fibromyalgia patients, nerve entrapment is another.

What you have to remember is that insomnia, is not a disease but a symptom, which is something that you experience.

However chronic pain and Fibromyalgia worsen sleep difficulties. With chronic pain, alpha rhythms often intrude, especially into delta sleep, disrupting your sleep.

Lack of sleep can then lead to chronic fatigue, chronic pain is also exhausting and can leave to more fatigue and together they can leave you feeling very tired.

Tired enough to fall asleep wherever you are standing, tired enough that you cannot drive, read or even write. Someone who has never experienced this type of fatigue will be unable to grasp how it feels.

It can be life changing/threatening to a chronic sufferer.



  1. I have had sciatica which was bad but after 12 months i raised the washing up bowl in the sink and i cures myself.I was on strong painkillers.But now I’ve got knee problems and am in pain 24/7 so i know what you mean.I’m learning self hypnosis to see if that will help.~The more you crave sleep the less likely it is!!


    • Your comment is so true about the more you crave sleep the less likely it is – that always seems to happen and its soooo frustrating. Sorry to hear about your knee problems kathryn, hope they get a bit easier in the warmer weather 🙂


  2. Barmac

    I have Blogged all to recently my discomfort with FM and still feeling the latest ‘Flare-up’ four weeks latter. I know it’ll kinda ‘Burn itself out that I wish it would get on and do so as i’m seeing my surgeon for the first time a week on wednesday and I’m sure weight will be mention that it is interesting to read about FM and weight and Sleep and weight!!!



    • Hi KerryGirl, really sorry to hear about your discomfort with FM at the moment. I must admit I have been awful for a number of weeks like you and it just doesn’t seem to want to settle yet. The main problem being the change in temperatures I think. I do hope everything goes alright with your surgeon. Do let me know how you go on. Take care. B x


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