In 2009 Ozone gas injections were being talked about to treat back pain, including sciatica.

The gas – a kind of oxygen more commonly associated with global warming,is thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect and may also boost healing. Recent studies have shown it could shrink tissue and reduce pain.

It offers an alternative to surgery and was first used medically more than a century ago for a number of other conditions like migraine, and ear problems.

There are obviously sceptics who question how good it is but after more than 20 studies even sceptics are thinking differently.

Hopefully, further studies will provide proof that this therapy can help to relieve pain. However, Dr. Evans, consultant spinal surgeon at Southampton University NHS Hospital said in the Daily Mail said that he would ‘caution patients about receiving this treatment unless it is part of a controlled trial to assess its efficacy’.

‘As yet, the scientific evidence is poor to support its use in the mainstream, and its utilization should only be part of scientific investigation.’



  1. This is really interesting, I wonder what my chiropractor Gaithersburg would think about this. Normal procedures have been helpful to me, but still pain and inflammation lingers. I wonder if this is something that I might want to consider.


  2. I have had gas therapy and it works. Inject oxygen and ozone. Have been using it in Italy for 15 years. It mixes with the water in your spinal column and starts healing. I had my injections from a Dr in Florida.


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