There are a number of theories, but research has yet to pinpoint one particular thing.

Some GP’s believe a hormonal or chemical imbalance disrupts the way nerves signal pain. Others suggest a traumatic event or chronic stress triggers it. Or that it could be linked to a genetic predisposition, or infections or illnesses could trigger it off. Some say it could be caused by a lack of deep sleep or that lower levels of a brain neurotransmitter called ‘serotonin’ could lead to lowered pain thresholds or an increased sensitivity to pain.

Either way, it is definitely a combination of factors, rather than a single cause.




  1. Have been having a discussion about fibromyalgia today as you know my daughter has suffered since she was 9 although it wasnt diagnosed until a few years ago. Now my neice has been diagnosed with it and my sister (her mother) I have suffered with what they called rhumatismn since an early age and now have arthritus and also more neices and my other children have continuial aches that we have always just put down to the rhumatics in my mothers side of the family. One doctor has now said that it could be because we as a family have a gene missing but I have not heard this anywhere else?


  2. No, I haven’t heard of ‘a gene missing’ either but I do read quite often the link withing the family. It has gone through my family (females only) as well. With Mum they called it Fibrocitis and Rheumatism and I think I had it for many years before my spinal surgeries but was only diagnosed a few years ago. Hope your all not suffering to much with it at the moment as the weather is such a contributing factor. Nice to hear from you xxx


  3. Vicodin being a prescription pain medication should be administered as directed and not taken according to one’s discretion. The daily permissible dose of Vicodin should not exceed 8 pills.


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