An advert for the treatment of rheumatism in 1949 said, “ Nature intended middle age to be the ‘comfortable years’. It is not natural that life at this time should be made unbearable by rheumatic pain. One of the most likely causes can be impurities in the system. If these are got rid of then you may well escape the pain and discomfort of rheumatism. ‘KRUSCHEN’ can hep you do this, it is no ordinary ‘laxative’ , it is six especially blended salts, each helping nature to expel the impurities through the natural channels and the little daily dose of KRUSCHEN helps prevent these poisons forming again. Thousands enjoy this ‘KRUSCHEN FREEDOM’ from pain.”

A note from a middle aged man free from pain wrote “ For about a year and a half I suffered greatly from sciatica and rheumatic pains. These increased until, during the cold spell, I was almost unable to walk and in great pain. Then I decided to give KRUSCHEN salts a trial and I am now quite free from pain”.

I found this advert really interesting to read, especially the use of a ‘laxative’ as the treatment for it. But, actually if you read it thoroughly it does seem to make sense. I then started to look at more adverts for this type of pain in the 1940’s and you will be surprised what I found out when you read some more of my articles on it.


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