TREATMENTS FOR BACK PAIN in 1949 and 1950…

In 1949 another advert for ‘backache’ was to use “SHADFORTERS’ which tones up sluggish kidneys. Feel the pain and discomfort go when kidneys regain normal activity with ‘SHADFORTERS’. It brings relief in no time. Their mild, soothing action stimulates kidneys to flush away body-poisons. Youthful activity then returns”.

Another advert for ‘backache’ said “ wake up your ‘liver bile’, with ‘CARTERS LITTLE LIVER PILLS’, your liver should pour out two pints of liquid bile into your bowels daily. If this bile is not flowing freely, your food does not digest, it just decays in your bowels. You get constipated and your whole system is poisoned and you feel sour, slack and the world looks black. Laxatives help a little, but a mere bowel movement doesn’t get at the cause. It takes those good old ‘CARTERS LITTLE LIVER PILLS’, to get those two pints of bile flowing freely and make you feel ‘up and up’.
It’s harmless, gentle, yet amazing in making bile flow freely.


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