If, like me you find that some alternative treatments can help with your pain, albeit giving you a placebo effect, then this post may be of interest to you.

You can of course get a few treatments on the NHS via the Pain clinics, but the waiting list is long but well worth getting onto. Some of the treatments available on the NHS are homeopathy, herbal medicine, reflexology, acupuncture, nutrition, shiatsu massage and aromatherapy.

You can also get some of these treatments from your nearest training college for a quarter of the price of normal salons. Other treatments available at college’s are pedicures, manicures, waxes which are certainly treatments I can no longer do myself.

You can also join some of these discount companies online that offer discounts in your area for a number of things which include spa’s and beauty treatments.

Personally, at this time of year I appreciate any discounts on treatments like pedicures, facials and aromatherapy. It definitely helps me to feel better if my feet and hands look nice and is something I cannot do myself. My husband has become good at painting my nails over the last couple of years but a full treatment is much nicer.



    • That’s true hutt – they thought my foot was gout, then they thought it was a bunion but in fact is osteoarthritis. Hopefully the operation will ease the pain.


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