According to the latest health news from the NHS several news sources have said that some elderly people who take a range of common medications may have an increased risk of death.

Many of the reports said the danger was from taking a combination of drugs. The study was collected between 1991 and 1993 to see if the decline of mental functioning in people aged over 65 was anything to do with the drugs they were taking.

They looked to see if their mental decline was in any way linked to dugs with ‘anticholinergic’ side effects which include dry mouth, reduced mucous secretion and constipation. Researchers found that 4% of people who used these drugs had a small but significantly greater decline in mental ability in comparison to people who were not on these drugs.

However, as the date showed was gathered around 20 years ago, it may not reflect the way drugs are currently prescribed and monitored.

They say these are important findings but stress that people should not stop taking any of their prescribed medications before discussing it with their doctor.

The side effects of the drugs I am on at the moment are exactly the same as above and I have probably been on most of them for around 20 years now so these latest findings have prompted me to make an appointment with my doctor to discuss my options.



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