Spinal degenerative disease, also known as spondylosis is not a life-threatening condition but is part of the normal ageing process. It is not curable, but it is treatable.

As a result it is extremely widespread, becoming more common as people get older. They say that the longer we live, the more the water and protein content begins to change our cartilage in our joints.

It is estimated that back pain alone affects about one in five of the population at any one time, and that 80 per cent of people will experience back pain at some time in their lives. Neck problems, although less common, also account for a good deal of suffering. As we age so do our backs which suffer simple wear and tear in a normal day but this begins to deteriorate and make degenerative changes. It can affect any area of your spine and cause different types of pain.

However, they do say now that although you think and fear that the pain will worsen as you get older and older, in fact they say that it is just the opposite as the lower back pain caused from it will in fact become slightly better.

I say, the jury is out on this statement but if this is true then roll on old age………………




  1. Iv come across this a lot lately as iv been looking up spinal fractures. Im going to ask my gp to refer me for a bone density scan (shudders at the thought of another mri) to give me an idea of how likly this is for me, it does run in my family, its also likly this is an old fracture i didnt know about till i fell, a bone density scan might reveal this. Doctors never mentioned it could be my back that was causing my difficulties in my legs recently.


    • That is funny you should mention asking for a bone density scan as I am seeing my GP next week and want to have one done as I have some pains which I have not had before and with my osteoarthritis in my toe I feel I need to be looked at. Hope you have seen someone about your sore now and its not as painful. When you say that it runs in the family, do you mean spinal degenrative disease? My legs are greatly affected by my back no question of that.


      • Im wondering now if it was my back all the time that had been making my legs feel so heavy and lack mobility, i wonder how old this fracture is and why after loads of complaints to my gp i was never sent for an xray on my back.

        My uncle suffers with spinal degenerative disease and my mum has been diagnosed with something similar last time i heard from her, spondulitis of the spine i think she has plus osteo. I think my Aunt had something like it too, its all on my mothers side.


      • It does sound a bit suspicious I agree with you wild witch, I guess maybe an MRI scan would help but you will definitely need to get your name down for a Pain Management consultant as they offer a number of theraputic treatments for free once you are on their list. You take care and make a note of everything you find out about your family and their health ready for when you next see your GP. 🙂


  2. I am starting to take extra measures in order to prevent back pain because I have had some close relatives who have really had bad experiences. All I can do is take care of myself and keep on top of the things that cause back pain in order to do my best to prevent it happening to me. Hope that the new research and technology can make a big impact on the treatments!


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