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A free online quiz has been developed for people to assess their risk of developing brittle bones. The questionnaire has been developed by the World Health Organisation and scientists at Sheffield University.

The ‘Frax’ Osteoporosis Risk Tool is aimed at 40-90 year olds and uses 12 factors including age, diet, and alcohol intake, to calculate the likelihood of fractures.

Users can then view guidance from the National Osteoporosis Guildline Group to determine their risk category.

To use this programme go to


  1. This blog is so informative! Thanks so much for posting these tips. In return I thought I would post something as well. There are more and more discoveries of fosamax side effects which is used in treating osteoporosis. If you have used it or know anyone that has used it please contact a lawyer. I would recommend Levin Law. But either way I hope you look into contacting someone to take action.


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