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One minute they are telling us that we need a full night sleep to function correctly and even that sleeping may help you to lose some weight!

Now, researchers are careful to note however that oversleeping has been linked to a host of medical problems, including diabetes and heart disease.

So, how much sleep should we have? Well, apparently the amount of sleep varies significantly over the course of our lifetime.

It depends on your age and activity level as well as your general health and lifestyle habits.

They say that sometime circumstances mean we need more sleep, for instance during times of stress or illness. But, the typically recommended amount of sleep for adults should be between seven and nine hours each night.


10 thoughts on “TO SLEEP OR NOT TO SLEEP…

  1. I think that the key to health in matters of sleep, diet, and physical activity, is to listen well to your body. Forcing yourself is bad. The big problem though, is that peoplelose touch… stop communicating… eat for pleasure.


  2. I am always confussed with the advice and research that comes out about sleeping. It changes back and fourth yearly. I guess as I got older I don’t like having lie ins for some reason. :)x


    • I know its so strange when you are young all you want to do is sleep in and when you are retired and have the opportunity to sleep in, you wake early :)):)


  3. I’ve also heard about seven or eight hours as the best amount for sleep. But, people continue to say that ‘great people’ such as this or that famous leader sleeps or slept only for a few hours each night. Doesn’t that mean if you want to be a successful person you have to sacrifice your sleep time? Then what about the health issue? Confusing…


    • You are so right there kawaakibb, it is definitely confusing and also quite different for every person some just seem to last on less and others need more 🙂


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