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We all need a bit of peace and quiet nowadays. Well, fortunately if you live in London there is a ‘Meditation and Personal Development’ centre in Covent Garden.

http://www.innerspace.org.uk has a bookshop with a quiet room for you to discover shelves of inspiring books, cd’s and lots more.

There is also a pop into ‘quiet room’ which is an oasis of calm, where you can chill or simply meditate.

They also have an A-Z Challenge for you to move over your negatives and introduce positives.

They say that for things to change, someone somewhere has to start acting differently, so why not start with your self. Simple tricks are used, like illustrations and links to short meditations making it easier to give it a try.

If you don’t fancy trying the challenge you can still enjoy the peace and tranquillity at the centre.

I wish there was one near me as I am sure I would be the first to enjoy the rooms.


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