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Our shoulders area is especially vulnerable to muscle tension and pain. We unfortunately automatically tense our shoulders when we are stressed.

This area is also particularly susceptible to aches and pains when we spend long periods of time bending forward over our desks and computers.

Bending forward for long periods of time can also cause your upper back, neck, and shoulders to round and tighten.

The knock on effect can give you pain in your upper back, neck as well as your shoulders and down your arms.

It is important to keep taking breaks and doing some stretching exercises in order to keep your shoulders and neck pain free.

I’ve had two spinal fusions in my neck. My first fusion was held together with animal bone and the second from a bone graft from my hip. The sort of pain I was in prior to the surgeries could only be described as ‘debilitating’ which included arm pain and numbness.

Pain was relieved immediately after the surgery was done, and since then I have kept a strict regime of exercises and stretching to avoid further problems.


4 thoughts on “SHOULDER PAIN…

  1. Had 4 shoulder surgeries.97-99-01-05.taking oxycontin 80ms 2 tabs twice daily along with dilaudid 8 mg 6 daily.little to zero relieve.any suggestions?


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