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There is a lot of publicity at the moment about Fibromyalgia with the ‘British Fibromyalgia Awareness Week September 4th – 11th’ nearly with us.

Fibromyalgia causes widespread pain and many other symptoms and most sufferers’ report that the weather plays a significant role in how they feel.

Certain climates can spur increased muscle pain and headaches. Looking at which is the best climate for Fibromyalgia sufferers would be easier to explain if we say that there are certain weather elements to look for and others to avoid.

Temperature makes a difference in how we feel with Fibro but it can also affect other musculoskeletal disorders. Colder weather seems to make symptoms worse whereas a climate where the temperature remains warmer seems to be less painful for Fibro sufferers.

A damp climate can also worsen symptoms, with a combination of cold and damp (from sleet and snow) which can be the most aggravating climate. So, avoid holidays in Alaska or the Midwest.

Changes in the barometer can also trigger symptoms. Also if rain or snow are forecast this can trigger some symptoms to flare-up.

A consistent warm, dry climate is probably best for Fibro sufferers.



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