Never give up

They say that relaxation and mental imagery are among the most valuable tools found to help people with chronic pain.

Some people are more visual than others as some people think in images. Some people tend to sense things, others feel things. Some think in words. So, even though they use the word ‘see’ in the instructions for mental imagery, some people may instead ‘feel’ what it is like to be free of pain.

The process of mental imagery is similar to the relaxation process, with some added benefits.

Like before start from the beginning and go into a quiet room with soft lighting, shut the door and sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor, or lie on your bed, with your eyes closed.

Take a few deep breaths and as you exhale mentally say the world ‘relax’ to yourself.

Now picture yourself in a pleasant, natural surroundings where you feel most comfortable. Mentally fill in the details of colour, sound and texture.

Keep the picture vivid in your mind as you relax for two to three minutes.

Now picture the treatments you are having or have had to help ease your pain. Picture the felling of the pain lifting and happier you arising with it.

See yourself having more energy and less tired and your pain disappearing like a cloud.

Wherever your pain is, give your body the command to heal itself. Visualize your body becoming well.

Imagine yourself free of pain, with tons of energy.

Picture yourself having fun again with your family and friends.

Give yourself a mental pat on the back for getting this far in your fight against your pain.

See yourself doing this mental imagery exercises three times a day, staying awake and alert as you do it so that you can let your eyes open and feel ready to resume your usual activities.

Both the relaxation techniques can be bought on a CD to listen to if you prefer it that way. I had some hypnosis treatments which she then gave me in CD format which I listen to when I am going through a bad patch. However, I do not use them all the time, just to remind me of how to achieve this treatment for my pain.

Mine is very visual which I find better for me, others prefer the breathing and relaxation of their bodies.



    • Yes, it does Tom, far more than going through my body to try and relax it. If I put myself in another place in my mind it works wonders for me when I am struggling to sleep 🙂


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