Every joint in your body is controlled by muscles, which are basically bundles of fibres.

They are in the shape of long, thin cells called fibres, and fastened to your joints by strong cords of fibrous tissue called tendons.

Muscles are arranged in layers one on top of the other, to give perfect control to every moving part of your body.

They even operate when you are asleep and awake controlling your breathing, digestion and heart etc.

Every time you bend your arm or move your your wrist or fingers, you use the muscle in your arm. They are used when you walk, run, turn your head or bend, in other words any movement you make.

Movement is brought about by the contracting or relaxing of your muscles. When you bend your elbow you can feel the hard lump of muscles under your skin.

Many of these muscles are affected by other problems you may have i.e. bad back, knee, shoulder or neck. And although your problem may be in your neck the muscle that is giving you the most pain could be down your arm. With back problems it could be the one that goes down your bottom,

The stronger your muscles are the stronger you will be, that is why exercise plays an important part of keeping fit. Taking exercise works all your muscles at once, with some going quite stiff for a few days if you have not moved them for a while.

Trigger Point injections for pain are something you have into your tight muscles to help them relax and ease your pain. Lots of people with back problems have referred pain in these muscles due to the fact that they cannot exercise as well as others.

Heat is also good for muscle pain as is massage with muscle relaxant rubs like ‘arnica’, a nutritional supplement.

2 thoughts on “YOUR MUSCLES AND PAIN…

  1. Deep tissue massage and an active lifestyle has been what has helped me the most. Finding a good masseuse is like finding a good cook. You have to find one that knows how to meet your body’s needs. Not every person can massage equally!


  2. You are so right about finding a good masseuse being as good as a good cook, it have likened it to the same as having a good plumber and also being recommended.


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