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Apparently researchers still do not know precisely what causes pain, nor do they fully understand it’s pathways of communication between our body and mind.

With chronic pain we have to take into account not only the patients physical state but our emotional state as well.

Everyone deals with pain in a different way. It has a close relationship with emotional state and stress.

Some of the pain can actually be coming from problems and stresses in your life. Maybe you are worried about being out of work, maybe you are worried about your children. Whatever the situation is that causes your stress, it can make pain twice as bad.

Because pain is so often linked closely to tension and fear, many sufferers can experience a decrease in pain after using the relaxation/mental images or on a regular basis.

The obvious reason being that relaxation can reduce muscle tension, which then reduces pain.

If sufferer’s overall think negatively, then the chances are this will contribute to your pain. Once you have realised that this maybe influencing your pain, then you would have the ability to modify these thoughts.

Some say you should try and communicate with your pain by visualizing the pain as a creature of some sort and establishing a dialogue with it to tell it to go away when pain is very bad. Personally, this is something I can just not visualize so I prefer mental imagery and relaxation processes for me.

10 thoughts on “PAIN, WHAT CAUSES IT?…”

    1. I think I have tried every single type of holistic method to help my pain and some are better than others with a good massage being at the top of my list then acupuncuture the second choice. The biggest problem being able to fund them on a regular basis 🙂


      1. There is an allocation in the pain clinic for these type of therapies but you have to wait around six months for your treatments then when you have finished the course you have to wait another six months before you get another one, which kind of defeats the whole object really.


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