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There are a number of different ways to ease pain but there are also some unusual ones like the ones I have found below.

Crossing your arms can reduce the intensity of pain, British scientists say.Researchers at University College London, England, found that crossing your arms over the midline – an imaginary line running vertically down the centre of the body – confuses the brain and reduces pain.

Stick two tennis balls in the end of a long tube sock and tie the ends tightly. Then sandwich the tennis balls between your back and a wall to rub them against your knots, or lie down on the them.

Other researchers say that taking a trip down memory lane as looking at the faces of loved ones releases endorphines. So, keep an album nearby or make a collage to look at on the wall.

Take a hot bath with epsom salt. Add 1-2 cups of epsom salt in a tub of hot water as a hot bath will help relieve stiff muscles and probably remove some of the stress that is causing you back pain.

Scientists have found that ‘swearing’ while in pain helps raise your pain threshold.

And finally, listen to a good book rather than read it to take your mind to other places and away fom your pain.



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