Blood Pressure week

‘Know your numbers week’ is organised by the Blood Pressure Association and is designed to educate you about the health complications associated with high blood pressure.

When it was first launched in 2001 a total of 10,340 people received free blood pressure checks and since then more than 1.5 million people have had their blood pressure checked.

The Blood Pressure Association is a registered charity and won the healthcare and medical research category award at the Charity Awards in 2008.

For more details on where to go for a free blood pressure test and information on blood pressure and home blood pressure machines go to


6 thoughts on “KNOW YOUR NUMBERS WEEK, 12th – 18th SEPTEMBER…

  1. Mine is about as low as it can go without being in a coma, which apparently is a good thing. Hubs is high though, but he has recently read about a high number of misdiagnosis with high bp. Well worth free test x


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