Back Pain2

Action on pain is a charity providing support and advice for people affect by chronic pain.

‘Can you feel my Pain’, is a European health awareness campaign developed by Pfizer Ltd in collaboration with Action on Pain and other patient and citizen organisations across Europe, to raise awareness of chronic pain.

They say ‘that at lease one person in three is likely to be in pain at this moment. And of the five million people who develop chronic pain in the UK every year, a third will never recover.

Chronic pain has a serious impact on peoples lives. 65% who suffer form it report difficulty sleeping, and unfortunately, a quarter will eventually lose their jobs’.

You can help raise awareness by reading the five key rights that ‘Action on Pain’ believe will help improve quality of life of those affected by chronic pain.

You can sign the Bill of Rights which has 5353 signatures so far, or share your personal story about chronic pain with others or even publish your photography on chronic pain. Look on their website for more details

Action in Pain is in shopping centres in the UK during September/October as part of their road show. The road show will offer people affected by chronic pain on site advice sessions with local doctors.

The pictures taken above and below were taken at Broadgate Circus, London yesterday to highlight people who suffer from Back Pain as part of the Can You Feel My Pain? campaign.

Back Pain1


6 thoughts on “CAN YOU FEEL MY PAIN…

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