Never give up

Anxiety is your divided mind. One part of your mind is busy in the kitchen or at your desk in the office, and another part of the mind is thinking about the pain you are in or away at the other side of the world thinking about all kinds of disturbing conditions.

Probably one of the main reason for our anxiety is our feeling of inefficiency, unhappiness and a feeling of total inadequacy.

The division of the mind tares it to pieces with worry like a dog with a bone.

They say the remedy for our anxiety with pain is to prepare for tomorrow, reasonably with things that we can do and not anxiously. To look ahead, but try not to worry about what is ahead so as to interfere with what you are doing.

What you dread may never happen, when you come face to face with your worry, it may not be as bad as you thought.

Look ahead, yes, but never in such an anxious way as to spoil the concentration of your mind on the day to day things you have to do.

One way to overcome your anxiety about your back pain is to try ‘The Yoga Corpse Pose’, which enables deep relaxation of the body and mind, and helps to maintain a healthy back and neck when performed regularly.


8 thoughts on “ANXIETY AND PAIN…

  1. This is a great way of thinking about anxiety. Anxiety causes stress, which causes muscle tension. And you don’t need that when you are trying to deal with back pain.


    The slow path to a healthy back


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