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It is a well known fact that we can suffer form a mid-afternoon slump as our bodies are designed to have two sleeps.

According to the NHS, we are most likely to feel a slump at around 2.16pm as this is about the time that your cortisol level drops, and along with it so can your mood, focus and motivation.

Researchers now say that if you drink iced water, this may help to make you feel more awake by setting off tiny pain triggers.

Other things to try are changing your routine, i.e. walking a different root to work, cleaning your teeth with your left hand. Apparently the brain responds to these experiences by releasing a rush of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, which can make us more alert.



    • I definitely have a knock on effect if I miss my afternoon nap but can push on then it suddenely hits me. The change of seasons can affect me big time as well so at the moment I am more tired than usual. 🙂


  1. It is fascinating that we can fool the brain in this way. I will try it cos the afternoons are definitely my most unproductive time of day. Hubby always goes for a snooze if he is tired but I find it hard to sleep during the day 😦


    • Just start gettting into a habit of sitting somewhere quiet and either reading or listening to soothing music then try closing your eyes to see if you can have forty winks.It truly works wonders, you will feel quite different when you wake up 🙂


  2. I’ve noticed that eating bread at lunchtime makes a significant difference. If I eat it, I always get the slump. If I don’t, I don’t! I mentioned this to my brother one day, and he said he had found exactly the same thing … so now he eats beetroot, and I stick to bananas and yoghurt 😉


    • That is classic symptoms of to much carb at lunch time – I find that as well but only have a snack like you then I always find that when I wake up after my rest that I could eat for England !! 🙂


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