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Acceptance and commitment therapy – spreading the idea that a lot of happiness is about learning to live alongside painful emotions rather than getting rid of them.

ACT differs from CBT in that instead of challenging distressing thoughts by looking for evidence and coming up with a more rational response (CBT), in ACT, the thought is accepted as a thought, e.g. “I’m having the thought that this boat is going to sink”, and then defused using a variety of techniques, which may include mindfulness, metaphors and language.


  1. Strange, but I have been searching for DVD’s about self-hypnosis all day. Some are very nice, with soothing music. I do find some of them quite calming.
    My biggest problem of all is that, at home, my BP is normal, in fact most evenings it goes down to 108/58 and the heartbeat is normal too.
    I enter a doctor’s office and by the time my BP is taken by the nurse, it has soared beyond 190/88! Yesterday it was 246/96! They wanted me to have a heart scan there and then, and that is NOT what I went in for!
    It happens every time, I warn them before they take it but as soon as they see it they go berserk! We call this white-coat hypertension in America! I call it the terrors! I am unable to ‘tame the beast’ for my BP slides up and down. All my life, and born with it! Lost a baby boy because of it.
    So, I have learned to live with this phenomena and now I decided I must find a hypnotherapist, or take a small phone with me and play the soothers! I have learned to live with this since I turned forty and started to get this fear of doctors!
    If you hear a huge explosion one afternoon, Barmac, it just may be me! Learn to live with it? Yes, a very good point. Hope all is well. XX


    • Hi Charlotte, my husband is EXACTLY the same as you and we also call it the same name. Fortunately after his BP continually going up when in the surgery he asked hubby to buy a home testing kit and monitor it for two weeks then go back. Once he saw how it had gone down and stayed down he was happy with the outcome. Which was great as he was about to put him on much BP tablets.

      Sorry to hear you lost a baby boy Charlotte, you’ve been through the mill for sure during your life, but your a fighter like me, I can tell.

      I’m fine at the moment with this heat wave we have and being so close as sister’s is helping us both deal with the rest of the health problems. I do hope your feeling a little better? You take care, Bxxx


    • I thought it was really interesting as well. At the moment I seem to come across a new therapy nearly every week, it’s amazing what they can think up. You have seen my post re home life, thanks again B xx


  2. I love this helpful ‘ and have copied down a good five pages. They make a lot of sense. I have become a doddering, quavering mass of fear in my ‘dotage!’. Half the trouble is I have moved from here to there for so many years. Different doctors and some of them really strangers, and quite harsh giving me long sermons about High Blood Pressure as if I didn’t know! My blood test always shows a lack of sodium. I do my utmost best. I weigh less than nine stone. What can you do? Stretches every day, and walks when it is possible. I am so glad somebody else, (your very beloved husband) has the same problem. I feel like such a fool sometimes, the trouble starts before there is any trouble! I think it is the sermons I have to go through every time it is a new physician. I bet that is in the back of your husband’s mind too! The sermon! (ha-ha!)
    Thanks for this Barmac and I will go see your post re: home life. With gratitude. JW XXX


  3. Charlotte – the GP was worried about my BP too for the same reason. They gave me a blood pressure monitor to wear for a whole day which sent data for 24 hours and saved it. Then when they looked at the data it they could see it was perfectly normal I just reacted to being in the surgery . This is standard NHS procedure I was told – maybe have a word with your practise nurse and see if she can get you the same thing & then people can start focussing on what really needs to be dealt with rather than BP?


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