walking sticks

Walking sticks, elbow crutches or walking frames can all help to spread your body load between your legs and arms and reduce the pressure on the nerves in your spine.

I always use mine when I go out for a walk as I can manage well enough on the flat but the minute I hit an incline I start feeling the pain much worse.

A stick also keeps you upright and counteracts any muscle imbalance.

It’s no use being vain about these type of aids when you are in a lot of pain. Why suffer when you can use something to avoid the suffering.

Pretty, feminine walking sticks are available all over the place now and in most cases, but not always, if you are standing in a queue somewhere, someone will offer you a seat once they see you have a walking stick. The picture above are from http://www.betterlifehealthcare.com/



  1. Interesting …. I’ve been thinking about getting a walking stick to support my right knee, but it can’t be any old stick. Vanity 🙄 would have to find a good looking one AND learn to use it properly . Not that easy . My sister and I tried out moves using mum’s and dad’s walking sticks, adjusting heights . Not easy to know what is ‘right’ .



    • The site I gave above is probably the most reasonable but you can get some lovely feminie ones or even some made to the height you want which is what I did as I am only 5ft. I got one made from a company on ebay and when I went to stay with my daughter in London a lady (not a gent) stood up to give me her seat when we were in the underground because she could see I had a stick which I thought was very polite. Your best bet is to start with the one that can be adjusted to get your most comfortable height. Take care 🙂


  2. I had a period after the start of my heart disease, when there was on option but to use one. At first, I really hated it, but it made my life much better, and I got used to it and learned to like it. And the best thing was that I improved, and could put it aside eventually. It is really a good thing.


    • Hi Shimon,
      My Dad also used his when he was bad with this his heart. After his pacemaker this year he stopped using it then felt really uneasy when visiting Mum in hospital as it was such a long walk from one ward to another so he is back using it again. Like you say its the confidence it can give you which is what I said to Dad, if he feels more comfortable using then use it. Glad your able to manage without it. Take care 🙂 x


  3. This is a really interesting debate, it must come down to your own choice, but for what it is worth, I would encourage the use of a walking stick to aid balance and to give a bit of confidence.

    Loving your site


  4. walking sticks, other known as canes are helpful for individual having problems with walking. For back pain sufferers, walking sticks is not necessary but can be a good choice in mobilizing. However, before buying one be sure to have the right length appropriate for your height. This would give you the desired balance and ease in walking.


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