Some shoe insoles can help with mild back pain. Since suffering with osteoarthritis of my big toe I have had to buy a size larger in shoe size as I cannot bear anything tight near the toe. Consequently the shoes have been too big for my other foot so I have had to invest in some insoles and have been surprised at how comfortable they are.

Most back pain sufferers wear flattish shoes as the pain can be much worse if you have heels on. The position of your feet affects the curvature of your spine. If you have flat feel then the hollow of the curve o fyour lower spine is increased which then leads to a strain on your ligaments.

Shaped insoles can correct your flat-footed posture which will then help relieve some of your back pain.

For the correct type of insole for your back complaint you should really see a podiatrist but you can also, like me, buy a set of ‘off-the-shelf’ insoles from your chemist or shoe shop.

I certainly could not have managed my pain this summer without the help of insoles and once I have had my foot surgery I plan to discuss my options with my podiatrist as apparently, according to the articles of the type of foot surgery I am having, one thing for sure is that I will walk differently.

If its high heels that are your thing then try to wear them only for special occasions and not every day as they can strain your spine as they alter your centre of gravity and the whole mechanism of your low back.



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