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Heat or ice can be used to help pain but for me personally heat is my first choice.

At this time of year as the temperatures start changing, I find my pain more than usual especially with having Fibromyalgia as well.

Fellow sufferers of Fibromyalgia, also take a while to adjust and can feel our muscles tightening up while even doing simple tasks, like taking a shower. Whereas during the summer season you can have a shower and dry yourself off without feeling any discomfort. Now however, due to the change in temperature when you step our of your warm shower you can soon feel your muscles tightening up.

Heat works by getting your blood vessels to open up as warmth seeps through so while you are in a hot shower you can feel your body relax and your pain go away. The warmth then increases blood flow in the area, improving nutrition and the healing effects from a good blood supply.

To avoid d a drop in temperature when I get our of the shower I do a few simple things which ensure I am soon warmed up again. The obvious one being that my radiator is on full and has no air trapped in it. I then put the shower on for a good couple of minutes before I get into it to help warm the shower cubicle up and the surrounding area. I then drape one towel over the radiator which is the one I put on straight after my shower and another to wrap around my legs.

In winter I always partly dress in the bathroom so that I do not end up feeling the drop in temperature when I leave the bathroom.

If your shower or bathroom does not have a hot enough radiator to warm your towel then take a hot water bottle up with you when you go for your shower and wrap it around the towel.

At this time of year I also have my wheat bags to and to pop into the microwave and I could not manage without my electric heat pad which I pop in y bed for 5 minutes before I go to bed.
I don’t keep it on while I sleep but its right next to me should I wake up with pain.

I find these type of heat pads much better than a heated blanket as I can take it with me wherever I go, be it to stay with friends or in a Hotel or while I’m just watching TV. They are worth every single penny to buy one.

Infra red lamps are also useful for heat treatment but they do not come cheap.

It’s a well known fact that back pain does get worse in cold weather so when you go out in it make sure you are wrapped up warm and if you are having a bad day then maybe use a disposable heat pad to keep your back warm.



  1. Heat application has been known to produce dilation of blood vessels that produces feelings of relation and relief of pain. However, there are lots of confusion whether one should use heat or cold with the presence of pain. Cold causes constriction of the vessels that numbs the area and prevents swelling to take place. In most cases, alternate application of heat and cold compress is ideal, depending on the condition or diagnosis.


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