Foot Pain

After an extremely restless first night after the operation I was feeling pretty rough on day one. I felt a bit like I’d been pulled through a hedge backwards. My right leg which was the side of the operation was extremely stiff and also across my shoulder blades.

I was told that I must ‘not’ under any circumstance walk on my bad foot but to just use my heel which in itself is something I needed to concentrate on, never mind using the crutches correctly which with my back problem was essential.

Fortunately, I don’t have far to walk from room to room and seemed to settle into my own way of coping with it all. My friend came the first morning with some lovely roses (my absolute favourite flower). By the time lunch time came I was aware of the fact that I was consciously clock watching for when I could take my next dose of pain killers.

After a long afternoon sleep I felt much better and started to plan my recovery with a list of projects to do. And so far so good, my back was not being irritated by it all.

Day two was similar to day one except that I managed very carefully to get my hair washed and felt a lot fresher. I really miss my daily shower. With it being weekend everyone at home was also taking their time with things so the day just passed by quite quickly and I started to embark on my first project of knitting a cushion and throw for the lounge.

I’d had another bad nights sleep the night before and tried my best to not sleep in the afternoon but my body was crying out for a rest so I just had 40 winks as I was determined to try and get a better nights sleep.

After yet another awful night I felt dreadful on day three and also felt that the fatigue was being helped by the amount of drugs I was taking so I decided I would start cutting down straight away.
Pain soon came back but I ‘managed’ it and also did without a sleep and couldn’t wait to get to bed for what I was convinced would be a good nights sleep.

However, yet another bad night followed. I think apart from my foot discomfort, I am also having to sleep on my back whereas I normally sleep on my side, and what seems to happen is that I either wake up with the foot pain, or a pain in my back because of the position I am in. I’ve been up most nights using the heat pad and reading and listening to music to help me get back to sleep but I’m pretty restless really.

Today I’ve had a really constructive day making videos for all my blogs and have managed to ‘not’ have a sleep this afternoon and also cut down drastically on my pain medication to just taking Paracetamol and anti-inflammatory’s. Hopefully I will get a good nights sleep tonight. I did try to have a chat with my GP today ( for some sleeping pills) but she is away on leave until next Tuesday and my health problems are to complicated to try and explain to someone who does not know me.

One thing is for sure, I am definitely not in as much pain tonight. It’s much, much less and I am hoping I’m going forward from strength to strength. I will look forward to all your comments on my videos. They are great fun and stimulating to make and would recommend them to anyone who has a lot of photos. You could make some lovely ones as Christmas presents.



    • Another day on today Kathryn and I am feeling stronger although a terrible sleep again but as I have cut down on my medication I don’t feel as groggy. Thanks again for all your lovely comments. 🙂 x


      • No, I’m not really bda I just gave myself a real talking to after the problem with the anaesthetic as a similar thing happened at the dentist. At the end of the day the only other thing left for me is morphine so I have just got to get my head around not taking tramadol all the time. My head feels sooo much clearer, tired but not fuzzy if that makes sense.


      • I have a very good friend with MS who suffers the same thing. She is on so much pain medication that still barely touches her pain that when she has the dentist or anything else there is just nothing more she can have. Horrible x


      • My last spinal surgery was done with a laser to burn the disc from the inside out like putting it in the microwave and I was sent home on the same medication and have never felt pain like it in my life. This has definitely been a wake up call for me. I am going to have to sort my meds out with my pain consultant and maybe turn to other things for pain control. Thanks for all your lovely thoughts on it all bda. xx


    • Ah, thanks Hutt, they are very easy and I am definitely going to make some as Christmas presents for the kids of times gone by. Another project, lol, how am I going to fit them all in. Thanks again, have a nice day 🙂 x


    • It’s soo much better except for a night and it seems that every time I move it, it seems to wake me up, the worst being that i have to have no bedding on it and sleep on my back which is far from my normal position to sleep. Have a nice day 🙂 x


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  2. Dear Barmac: You really sufferred after your surgery. Not being able to sleep is the worst. PLus, the weight of the bedclothes on your bad foot would be an aggravation. I have read there are ‘cages’ that can be placaed at foot of bed underneath the bedclothes. Usually for sufferrers of Gout. But this may have helped you some.
    I am excited about how you are healing. This was written 9 days ago, and your surgery was twelve days ago. so, I shall ‘fast-forward’ to recent blogs to see how you are progressing. With very caring, loving wishes: charlotte XX


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