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Alice Grebot wrote in the Daily Mail on Sunday Review 2 Health Section that ‘Gone are the days when a visit to a GP has to be face-to-face !

Apparently online and phone consultations are available with private doctors and you can also talk via a live video link. And, there is every possibility that the NHS may follow suit! They stated that services such as Skype could make the NHS more convenient.

It is aimed at the sort of patients who may not be able to leave their home or get an appointment with their usual GP. Online Pharmacy Chemist Direct is piloting an online doctors video consultation service, which is planned to launch early next year. All you need to do is to make an appointment online to ‘see’ a GMC Registered doctor, with whom a 15 minute consultation will cost you £29.95

They say that ‘GP’s can ask questions as patients describe their symptoms, and prescriptions can be sent to the patient the same day’.

Such services are now also making an appearance on the High Street, Lloydspharmacy is trialling a private doctor video consultation service as part of the Company’s ‘Health Village’ in North London where they have a retail one-stop shop for all your health needs and where a 15 minute consultation cost £35.

Obviously where a patient may require a physical examination this type of appointment would not be appropriate.

Personally I worry about the elderly who need their face-to-face visits with their GP’s and who many do not have, nor want access to the internet and would struggle to pay for this service.

How do you feel about this latest move for your health care?



    • I so agree with you bda. I think it would be awful to deal with illness this way. The cost alone will put people off seeing GP’s when it could be for something serious. I guess the men would prefer this sort of appointment though 🙂


  1. You shouldn’t take too much notice of the Daily Mail. I question how the private quack on £180 an hour is going to carry out the first thing the real doctors do when they suspect rectal cancer. My guess is they tell you to see a real doctor, and keep the money.


    • I just think it would be like not having an NHS if you think you need to pay to speak to someone about your problems and the ones who need them the most would be the first to suffer. I really hope the NHS don’t take this on board.


    • I do worry about the elderly in particular in this as I am going through so much with Dad but I guess some people will like it. But actually you can do this now if you want to pay for it so why introduce it in the first place.


    • I think that the male population would like the ease of this and the worst affected would definitely be the elderly. It is available at the moment anyway so why not just leave it that way. When my daughter first went to London we had to use a private GP until she had a proper valid address.


  2. no, no a thousand times NO!! There are important ‘in the flesh’ guides to diagnosis. seeing the patient’s skin colour,eyes and general appearance. Noticing a limp, shortness of breath. touching the skin, listening ..
    oh NO NO NO …..


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  4. It all depends upon the misery of the patient. Should it be a hacking cough, or a very bad flu attack, then over the screen would be wonderful. Keep germs out of the office too. But diagnosis of something such as Polymyalgeia Rheumatica would Have to be on-touch with the physician, plus the assorted different types of skin rashes that abound. Great idea for children too. A vision of the future, BArmac. Thank you. XX


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