Pain became much much easier by day three with the worst discomfort in the night. You are told that you need to keep your foot free of any bedding and obviously to lie on your back in bed.

For a stomach sleeper it does take a bit to change a life times habit of going to sleep on your stomach. Fortunately it is my right foot and I sleep on my right side. One suggestion to us was to cut a whole out of a box to use as a cage in your bed.

My husband made the box the first night but somehow it just didn’t seem to work with a quilt which I think can be too heavy for the box and the box moved etc. Anyway, we gave that up as a bad job right from the very beginning.

However, I am finding the night’s the hardest to deal with. I go to sleep OK on my back with my foot out on a cushion but I guess my body is so used to sleeping differently that I just move in my sleep and the pain soon comes on and wakes me up. So, my night seems to be sleep, awake, sleep awake leaving me pretty shattered first thing.

The swelling has gone down every day and so much so today that my special shoe is hanging off me and the bandage is starting to move around but it says on the paper work that under no circumstances do you touch the dressing. So I’ve left it alone but since late afternoon I have been getting some strong pain coming from the wound and now wonder if it needs looking at and at least a clean dressing putting onto it. If I feel the same tomorrow then I will suggest we go and get it checked out at the Hospital as the podiatrist does his operations every Thursday.

My daughter is on her way home to see me for a couple of days tonight from London and I am patiently watching the clock for her arrival time. I can’t wait, I miss her dreadfully but its only a matter of hours away so I am luckier than some mums who’s children are much further away.



    • Thanks faffa, been trying to get through to the Hospital all morning as the ward gave me another number. Like my hubby said, ‘it’s a good job it’s not an emergency as I’ve been trying since first thing and no-one answers!!!


  1. Would the top part of a cat carrier work? Ours comes in half and the top bit would probably be the right size for a foot. It must be difficult to sleep in a position that is unnatural for you. I hope it is easier tonight x


    • That might work but I think I turned the corner last night as it only woke me up a couple of times so I am keeping very quiet about it today so as to not tempt fate. 🙂


  2. Oh gosh you poor love….. I am glad your daughter is coming to visit and cheer you up. Pain and being kept awake because of pain is about the most wretched thing…. poor you…. :no: I do hope it all eases up soooooon.. does sound as if you are healing well in the swelling has gone down a lot? Fingers crossed and prayers uttered….xxx


    • Hi dt, I’m feeling tons better and had my best nights sleep yet last night. Seeing the nurse today to change the dressing which I think will mean the pain is even less. Have a lovely weekend.


    • Thanks gane, I’m tons better now and in much less pain – just hope to ditch the crutches when I have the stitches out on Friday. Sorry about your big toe – it’s such an important part of our walking. Hope you can sort it out. Keep your eye on it 🙂 x


  3. Can hubby make a cage out of wire? Perhaps it has healed enough by now not to require one. I found it hard to sleep with chest pains the first few nights. Kept waking up. Sleep is th emost important healer of al,l and we MUST find a way to relax our muscles which happens only in a deep sleep.
    I will push forward and see how you are coming along in later days. XX


    • I’m tons better now with the bedding and can cope with it on my toe. I’ve had it redressed and it looks lovely and neat, black and blue but a neat scar and the swelling has gone down considerably. Hope to get rid of the crutches when I have the stitches out on Friday. Thanks C x


      • Thanks for sending that, for I couldn’t find it.
        I am so happy for you, although I am sure those bruises look awful.
        You should have seen that huge bruise in my groin all the way to my knee inside and outside. That is where the doc shoved the catheter in, all the way through the big vein into my heart and injected dye – which I am allergic to!! They fed me Prednisone twelve hours earlier to overcome the reaction.
        That is the hugest bruise, black and blue and many colours of the rainbow, that I have ever seen!!
        It would win prizes!!


      • Oh deaar Charlotte that sounds absolutely awful. You are one very brave lady. It makes me shiver just reading about it. Are you better now? I do hope so, take care 🙂 x


      • Oh Barmac: Thank you so much for your sympathy. I do need it!! My heart hurts all the time now, it is like burning coals in the middle of my chest!
        Thanks for your dear words. Love: Your assaulted friend!! I havae to see and be seen by that nasty man tomorrow afternoon! Help!!


      • I wish you loads and loads of luck tomorrow and tell him not to hurt you. Please let me know how you get on tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you xxx


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