‘Posture Plast’ is a giant x shaped plaster for your lower back that is designed to allow you to love only within ‘safe’limits, which then prevents incorrect bending or twisting.

You can wear each single-use Posture Plast for up to 24 hrs, and should be able to shower in it without it losing its ‘stick’. They say ‘A new take on tried and tested methods’,
The use of medical tape in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries is widespread; and the benefits of taping are well documented. PosturePlast’s design takes the complex lace pattern of taping and delivers all the benefits in an authentic, innovative and patented one-piece design’



  1. to love only within safe limits? 🙂 I like that….

    I know… you meant MOVE… but I couldn’t resist….

    Sounds very interesting….

    My ghastly old boring sciatica is benefitting from my doing the push up exercise the osteopath recommended… but the plaster does sound worth a try in the future :yes:


    • lol, didn’t spot that dt – I change it but glad it made you giggle. Sorry to hear about your sciatica I was having a hard time with it last month and then suddenly it settled down again – it’s a bind and so difficult to sit comfortably when you have it . Take care 🙂 x


    • Back pain affects sooo many people that there has to be something available to help with your posture which would help. I can remember at school, if you sat up correctly you got a sash to wear which was a big deal back then 🙂


  2. Dear Barmac Pro, SeasideMan, huttriver and Desert-Times. My name’s Carrie and I help look after PosturePlast. Thanks so much for your interest in the product. We obviously really believe in it and during trials, know that it really helped people with chronic back pain. If you think PosturePlast might help you please feel free to get in touch with me on – I would be very happy to send you a couple of samples to try. Thanks, Carrie


    • Hi Carrie,
      I will definitely get in touch with you for a trial which I can then follow up on this blog. As you can see from my blog I have had a back problem for many years so any form of new pain relief is greatly appreciated. Thanks B


  3. Hey Barmac,

    Great website! I didn’t find a link with your e-mail to contact you personally but I’d love for you to check out our latest product the SIT4EVR! We think it fills a void in the current market for back pain support products. Please e-mail me and I can provide more information. We’d love to get thoughts from someone who has studied/tested some of the other products on the market today.



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