I cannot quite believe it’s already day 14 since my foot surgery. It has absolutely flown by. I’ve been looked after like a Queen by my fantastic other half and have managed to keep myself busy.

Apart from my writing, I’ve read a couple of excellent books (James Patterson and Tess Gerritsan) and I am now reading Torey Hayden’s latest novel.

I’ve knitted Bess a winter coat and knitted a cushion for my bed. With what’s left of my massive 500g ball I am going to knit a couple of ‘special’ scarves trimmed in jewels as Christmas presents.

In the two weeks I can honestly say that there has only been a couple of ‘dull’ days, with the rest being sunny which makes sitting in the conservatory even nicer.

Yesterday I managed the stairs with one crutch instead of going up and down on my bum, and I am managing to walk around mostly using one crutch.

Tomorrow I have my stitches out and really hope I can be given the OK to use my stick or just one crutch and to be able to go out. I’ve not been out for the fortnight as you need to keep the wound so dry and clean but can’t wait to get some fresh air tomorrow.

The pain is minimal with my pain killers down by half. My back was not at all happy at the start of the recovery but with the correct lumber support cushions and a few days on anti-inflammatory’s, even that has settled down nicely.

I’m going to have a play at my card making this afternoon which is another hobby of mine and will post some pictures of them when they are finished.

I am pleased as punch about how things are progressing at the moment and think I can look forward to being able to enjoy some Christmas shopping in the shops rather than online.

Thanks again blog friends for all your lovely thoughts and comments over the last few months.



  1. That is wonderful news. I’m so glad the time is going quickly. I do hope everything goes well when you have the stitches out. Special scarves with jewels, sounds like a very special Christmas present.


    • Thanks S, yes it will be a special present, I bought some cream wool, well actually a very large 500g ball and already had some expensive mohair cream wool so I have designed a pattern with the mohair in the middle of the pattern and the cream wool either side, then I plan to trim the whole of the scarf with the mohair wool and finish with jewels which I have loads of. I am a collector of buttons and jewels and change my cardigans with different buttons every year. Some of my expensive cardigans have lasted for years with a revamp of a new button and some cheap ones have looked a lot more expensive. I love playing with things like that.Gosh I do go on, sorry, thanks anyway 🙂


  2. Very good news, Barbara! So pleased it’s all progressing well – you deserve a break, and I love your positive attitude – you’re an inspiration. And three cheers for your wonderful other half. Being loved and looked after makes all the difference.


    • Oh, it definitely makes a big difference being looked after so well, I am very lucky to have him. Hope your well after your week with the grandchildren. Take care 🙂 x


    • Thanks hutt I will try, I do forget sometimes but C soon shouts. I think he’s got eyes at the back of his head sometimes, he can bear me in another room,but we do giggle about it :)) have a nice weekend 🙂


    • No,acupuncture for the lower back does not hurt however it didn’t help my pain at all. Acupuncture for neck and arm pain, now that’s a different story. That really helped the pain just wish I could afford to have a regular dose of it.


  3. So glad it has all gone so well! And that you have been managing to have a nice time in spite of everything! Hope the recovery continues its good trajectory and look forward to seeing the pics of your cards and things! 🙂


  4. Thanks dt, soo good with the foot at the moment, going to write an update shortly. Finished everything but my scarf so should have lots of pics for the end of the week. I’ve really enjoyed myself. 🙂


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