Foot Pain

After my present foot problem which has been a great success I thought it might interest you to know about the different types of foot problems you can have from Raynaud’s disease to Osteoarthritis.

If you toes are always cold it could mean poor blood flow which can be a circulatory problem. This can be linked to smoking, high blood pressure and heart disease. Sometimes nerve damage from diabetes an also leave your feet feeling cold. Your GP can assess what he thinks it could be.

A pain in your foot, other than from being in heels for a number of hours can be signs of a stress fracture (a small crack in a bone). There are a number of causes for this including osteoporosis. Again, your GP can assess this for you.

Red, white and blue toes an be a sign of Raynaud’s disease which is an arthritic type of disease which can cause your toes to turn, white then bluish, then red then return back to normal. The cause is sudden narrowing of the arteries.

Stress and changes of temperature can trigger this and it can also be found in your fingers and could be related to RA, Sjogren’s disease, and or thyroid problems.

Pain in your heel could be Plantar Fascilitis which is inflammation of the long ligament which is attached to the heel bone. The pain an be awful when you first wake up and put pressure on your foot. Arthritis, excessive exercise and badly fitted shoes an also cause this pain as can tendinitis.

Swollen feet can be caused by standing too long or a long haul flight especially if you are pregnant. However, if they stay swollen this could be sign of something more serious. It could come from poor circulation, a problem with your lymphatic system, a blood clot, a kidney disorder or an under active thyroid. It is therefore essential if you have permanently swollen feet to visit your GP.

A pain in your big toe can mean a number of things but gout is the number one cause for this type of pain. Osteoarthritis (which is what I had) can also cause pain and swelling of your big toe. If the joint is rigid it may be something calleddd hallux rigidus which is a complication of arthritis where a bonspurut develops.

Pain in the smaller toes and if you feel like you are walking on marbles or you have a burning sensation in the ball of your foot this could indicate you could be suffering from Morton’s neuroma.
This is a thickening of tissue around a nerve, usually between the 3rd and 4th toes. The cause is injury or too much pressure on the toes.



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  3. Thanks Barmac, It’s a very informative article. At least noticing these foot problems help us take appropriate preventive foot care measures. And in case of any serious matter we can always consult the podiatrist


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