Can’t quite believe how well I have done.

They were so pleased with the way my foot has healed that when I asked if I could manage with just my stick they said there should not be a problem with that.

I’ve got to use it until I feel comfortable without it. Soak my foot in salt and water daily. I’ve had to buy some shoes which are more firmer to support my foot and, after next Friday, if I can feel confident that I can do an emergency stop then I can also drive.

I think I mentioned before that I have managed to drop my medication by half which I was really pleased but I have had to increase it slightly as I think the walking, which is not correct at the moment, is probably irritating it. But I do feel this is just a temporary thing.

They do not want to see me until next April and said I had done absolutely brilliant.

I managed to take Bess for a short walk to the bottom of the road and back today and it was lovely to get some fresh air into my lungs.


12 thoughts on “CRUTCHES IN THE BIN…

  1. Yes, this is really great news. I’m so happy for you. Hearing that you don’t have to come back till April, is a sign you’ve really put this problem behind you.


    • Thanks Shimon, I can’t believe how well I have done in such a short time and my foot improves day by day by day. I do have an amazing husband who was a brilliant nurse which I am sure contributed to my quick recovery. Thanks for your kind messages :):)


    • lol, oh, yes I promise the marathon will not be on the cards, this year anyway. Thanks for all your lovely messages. I’m so pleased it’s healed so quickly. Should soon be able to pop over and see Dad, he will be sooo chuffed. 🙂 x


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