This therapy was devised by Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1983) which amalgamates other healing therapies from both east and west. Dr. Stone studied many therapies, like yoga and acupuncture, osteopathy and chiropractic.

Through his studies he believed that a form of energy flows along certain channels in the body and that to keep good health the flow must be maintained..

In India this therapy is referred to as ‘prama’ and in China is is called ‘Chi’ or ‘gi’. They believe that illness occurs when this flow of energy is blocked or is out of balance. They also believe that once the flow of energy has been restored to normal, then the ailment would disappear and not recur.

The process incorporates three levels of touch – ‘very light’, ‘stimulating’, and ‘deep’. It is important to note that, if you do not wish to have touch contact, the therapist will respect your wishes. This process can be relaxing and restorative and can also allow emotional and personal issues to surface and become clearer.
For a back pain treatment they first work to loosen tight muscles in your back to ease the muscles and pain.

The final part of the treatment is mental attitude, which is basically a way of encouraging people to have a more positive view on all aspects of their lives through talking and counselling sessions.

For Polarity Therapy to truly work you need to believe in it completely and be prepared to carry out your practitioners instructions with regard to diet, exercises etc.

This type of therapy is more common with other eastern remedies that have the common themes of contemplation, exercise, touch or pressure, and diet.

For more information or to find a therapist http://www.polarity.tk/index.php



  1. And acupuncture utilises this energy flow. I support acupuncture because it healed my tennis elbow when physio didn’t do the job. So there is something in eastern therapies. Both Indian and Chinese go back at least 5000 years.


    • I find acupuncture great for my neck and arm pain and myofascial pain release the best for lumber spinal pain. But like you say there are many to try and still many I can write about but all worth having a go at. 🙂


  2. 2 years and 7 months ago I had a go-kart accident and badly bruised my tailbone, when I got back home I had a big back bruise across my bum. I went to get it looked at, and I went to a special doctor to get treatment for it. I had shock pads and massaged, then I stopped for a while and the pain stopped. The pain started from my tailbone and then went to my back, after a few weeks it stopped. Then last year it came back, and now it is so bad. I can’t sit for a long while, and I can’t lay in my bed comfortable because my back hurts, and my side, and my front hurts. It feels like someone is stabbing me and it hurts, and when I sit for a long time the pain shoots up my side and my tailbone hurts.


    • Coccyx pain which yours is, is very painful. I’ve had it and know exactly how you feel. Two things I would suggest are to first go back and see your GP, as they can give you an injection for this and to buy what is called a coccyx cushion, I have written on these before. They are not expensive so you can have one in your car and one at home to use and I also sleep on an egg shell type cushion to take the pressure off which if it got that bad would also help you. I have also details on this on my blog but please do not hesitate to ask me about these but your first port of call should be back to you GP as you can probably see from my disclaimer, everythng on this website is for your information only. Hope you feel less pain soon.


  3. I have always had back pain, almost as long as I can remember. This sounds like a really cool and interesting option to try out. I am getting ready to order a new bed at tax time to help me out too. I have been poking around the mattress review site http://www.qmattresses.com/ to try and find one that works for me and my back.


    • If you look through my posts you will find one on mattress toppers (egg shell type) which I have and have used for years which help with back pain. I hope your pain isn’t to bad at the moment.


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