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How would you like to help millions of patients worldwide, including yourself, and, at the same time help your own charity with a donation.

PIP Health, is an online platform for patients to share experiences about their health, and each time you fill in a questionnaire £1 is donated to a charity of your choice.

Founder Drs Nadine van Dongen says she set up PIP Health to improve the quality of life for millions of patients. She thinks our views should be the most important thing in deciding what the best treatment is for us. It could be your medication that makes work difficult for you, or it could be the treatment you had at your hospital. Whatever it is, you can share your experiences (in confidence) with PIP Health as there is someone there to listen to you.

There mission is ‘to make healthcare organisations more ‘Patient Intelligent’, by making our voices heard, and by doing this, making healthcare better for everyone’.

About once a month, if you join, you are sent a questionnaire to fill in with your views on health care that you are receiving. Naturally all answers are confidential, and after you have done this your £1 donation goes to your chosen charity.

As most of you know I’ve been in and out of Hospital’s many times over the last 30 years, and I am quite sure I could have written a book on the different ways in which I have received my treatments be it private health care or on the NHS. So, for me, I wish this sort of organisation had been set up years ago.

I’ve joined (obviously) as I feel this is such an important factor to healthcare and not for just the type of treatment you may need, but the follow up and recovery.

I will also be following up on the outcome of their researches as and when they become available.

For more details on how to register for free go to



  1. An estimated eight out of ten people will injure their back at some point during their lives. Some of these problems will require extended treatment, but back problems are invariably painful. If you get help for your back pain in the early stages, its less likely to develop into more long-term pain.


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