Father Christmas

With Christmas around the corner I thought I would cover some products that can help with chronic back pain. Although there are some beautiful gifts out there for Christmas, unfortunately a gift for pain relief is not something you can buy. However, help with pain relief can be bought.

My pick of some that would make brilliant Christmas presents are listed below.

‘Hotties’ soothing backwrap micro-microwavable heat wrap –

Lumber Support Roll or Cushion –

Orthopaedic Coccyx Cushion –

Heated Car cushion – – I had to add this one as I am lucky enough to have a heated seat in my car and it makes a big difference in pain during travel for me. This one just simply plugs into your car’s 12v/DC cigarette lighter socket.

Electric heat pad – another I cannot live without which is portable so if your having a bad day, it can easily take downstairs to use as well.

Hot or cold heat pads – There are a number of these around with different offers from different chemists. They are useful for travel if you don’t have a heated seat and for stiffness if necessary.

Vouchers for back and/or neck massage. With lots of offers and vouchers try and just put your city into the box at the top.

The list I have given you above is some of the products which I use on a daily basis to help ease my back pain. I will cover some more expensive products tomorrow.



  1. Back pain relief is desired by most of us since back pain is a common phenomenon. Most of us suffer from back pain from one or the other point in our life, but a majority of us are unaware of the true reason or the cause of this ailment. A poor posture or a strain in the back muscles generally leads to pain.


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