One in two UK women over 50 will fracture a bone, mainly as a result of osteoporisis, but this bone loss condition also effects younger people.

Make your bones as strong as possible by doing weight bearing exercises like jogging and walking and resistance exercises like weight training.

Eat bone friendly foods like milk, cheese, fruit, vegetables and oil fish, and expose your skin to 15 minutes of sun daily to boost your Vitamin D levels.

Scientists have finally found out that fish oil can ease the pain from osteoarthritis after a 2 year study. It showed that even if you took a really low dose of fish oil, if can reduce the pain and inflammation caused by osteoporosis.

They say even jumping off the bottom step of your stairs can be beneficial.



  1. i suffer terrible arthritis in my shoulder and back, I don’t like to take too much medication or use chemical enhanced products believing they only create more problems down the track. i have found a wonderful product called NATURAL HARMONY it is made with all natural products including essential oils and natural mineral salts, it is Australian Made and non greasy so it’s great before bed and under my clothes, on the bad days it may not eliminate the pain however it takes the real harshness off reducing my pain from say a 8-9 down to a 2-4, i’m also told some people use it on their pets who suffer arthritis also, I have found the more I use it the better it works, any way hope this helps you like it has helped me and believe thousands of others, oh their web site http://www.florentinegold.com.au


  2. I have heard walking is good… and just got a pedometer that shows how many calories I’m burning etc…. so when I’ve worked out how to set it up I shall set myself goals and also know my bones are benefitting! 🙂


  3. Exposure to the sun dies not produce Vitamin D. Rather it hastens the synthesis of calcium in the body, thereby producing desirable effects in the bones. Calcium intake should also be taken in moderation, too much can cause hypercalcemia which would ease back pain. The concept of using fish oil in getting rid of back pain seems a good idea. I’ll look closer on that one. Thanks for the great idea.


    • Thanks very much for your input on this – it’s much appreciated. You never know, we have to try these different things from time to time. Anything to beat the pain 🙂


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