With Christmas just around the corner, the Christmas parties will soon be up and running. For people suffering from chronic pain, most of us, if any cannot tolerate alcohol. The main reason being that the pain killing drugs we are on ALL say ‘do not mix with alcohol’, and also because our livers are having to work that little bit extra due to the amount of drugs we take.

However, we are only human, and, come Christmas the odd tipple is bound to slip through our lips. I mean you can’t beat a large gin and tonic as a pain relief and muscle relaxant, but we do have to be very, very careful.

So, with that in mind I thought a few pointers to help with that heartburn or hangover would not go amiss.

Milk thistle is a herbal remedy that protects the liver and is sometimes used in the treatment of liver disorders.

It can be an effective hangover cure if you take it before you go to bed on the night of a heavy drinking session or even just before you start to drink.

A glass of milk is another good one to take before you even start drinking.

When you feel the burn of acid reflux, try sugar free gum as chewing boosts production of saliva, which is alkaline, so helps neutralise acid and aids digestion.


14 thoughts on “HELP FOR YOUR HANGOVERS…

  1. Very good suggestions in deed. Especially on the acid reflux. Fortunately for us good acid reflux remedies are legion. A lot of natural acid reflux remedies you already have in your kitchen. For example, almonds and water …yes, water are good to use.


  2. Its all about preventing one, so because of that i use the Bytox Hangover Prevention remedy, its a trans-dermal patch i put in before I consume alcohol. have been using Bytox for one month now and have not had one hangover. It has been written about as the only one that works on the market by as well as many others.


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