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The most common cause of back pain is a problem with your muscles. That is why some treatments include muscle relaxants.

You can strain a muscle with a simple twist, so keeping your muscles strong in your stomach can help alleviate this problem.

About 80-90 % of adults get some form of back pain in their life with men and women equally affected.

Low back pain however is more common as we get older but this can also be due to a sedentary lifestyle. Low back pain is also the 5th most common reason for seeing your GP.

Most back pain is caused by injury to the lower back or an ongoing condition. Overuse of back muscles, sports injuries, extreme lifting sudden jolts or a car accident are examples of injury. Arthritis or a bulging disc are ongoing conditions that may also cause back pain.

The lower back vertebra are the weight bearing part of the back and where it receives the most stress.



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