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According to the Huffington Post – and an article on Artificial Sweetener Disease (ASD) is sweeping across America, affecting tens of thousands of consumers, and Western medicine calls it anything but what it really is, so that doctors can prescribe expensive pharmaceuticals and set up “check up” appointments for the following weeks.

Call it recurring headaches, unbearable migraines, depression, anxiety, muscle pain, arthritis flare ups, buzzing or ringing in the ears, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, inflammation, even acid reflux, but don’t call it ASD, or the patient may stop consuming synthetic sweeteners, and then not schedule more doctor visits.

The symptoms of ASD can change overnight, depending on how much chemical sweetener you consume, and which ones. Some combinations are especially toxic. Consumers can go from a migraine headache to vomiting or from vision problems to an upset stomach. Many people experience central nervous system disorders, cramping, nervous twitches and abnormal reflexes.

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The link with pain in Fibromyalgia and Aspartame have been around for a while now but Aspartame can be hard to avoid, especially if you eat “light,” “reduced-calorie” or “sugar-free” products. It’s in things like diet drinks, sugar-free breath mints, low-cal ice cream, and a wealth of other processed foods. Fortunately, it’s easy to spot on a label.

Until you have actually taken it completely out of your diet you will have no way of knowing if this has had an effect on your pain, but probably one worth trying.



  1. You know I was just thinking about this the other day. I have used sweet and low for years in everything from koolaid to tea anything that needed sweeten. I have started to use splenda which is suppose to be better.But since it is more expense sometimes I go back to sweet and low. But I think in the new year if I cant get splenda I will actually not use anything or real sugar and see how that goesx


  2. Doesn’t surprise me at all. It always seemed like poison to me. Best to stop eating sweet… a little sugar can be used as a spice, along with peppers and other spices, and is a pleasure in food. But large doses of sweet can actually ruin your sense of taste… not to speak of addiction. Wishing you a very nice new year, Barbara.


  3. OMG I have 12 aspartame sweetners in my tea or coffee and I have at least 8 cups a day, often more. Hubby keeps on at me to give them up or at least cut right down and it is on my New Year list, this will certainly help x


    • Oh gosh bda, do try and cut that down a little. I just have one in my tea and now none in coffee but use the Splenda in cooking which is supposed to be better than the others, but I’d never be able to go back onto sugar again, thats for sure. 🙂 There always something that we eat that’s wrong 🙂


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