No food that you eat or drink will get rid of back pain or Fibromyalgia but researchers are constantly on the hunt for a nutrition regimen that could help your body fight off diseases.

Eating healthy foods, and maintaining a reasonable weight for your height and body is very important.

By healthy foods they mean foods that are low in fat and loaded with immunity boosting antioxidants that work to give you lots of energy, which could then perhaps minimize your fatigue, sleeplessness and muscle pain.

Of course, keeping yourself in good health is a big commitment in itself, but if you know you will benefit from it then its well worth the effort.

They do say that proper nutrition and mind/emotional health can actually help to reduce the severity of most of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and some types of pain. It’s one area where you can do something that just might help your pain and fatigue.

Of course there are also some other popular vitamins and herbal remedies which can help. Magnesium is an anti stress mineral, calcium for bones and teeth, chromium to help synthesize fatty acids, potassium to help maintain a normal heart and muscle functioning, zinc to help repair cells, selenium to help your immune system and function and of course the Vitamin E, which is essential to help keep the membranes of your body’s cells healthy and Vitamin C which is a good building block to good nutrition.

So, start 2012 with the right diet to help your health.


  1. Hi I agree that nutrition is key to leading a healthy lifestyle, and that in turn can help with pain relief. I’ve known people that have experienced less joint pain when they lost weight, for example.

    I also think your point regarding vitamins is very interesting. If anyone’s new years resolution is to take vitamins then it might be worth checking out my site, we’ve got a range at discounted prices:


  2. Yes, I will say good balanced and healthy nutrition is more important than regular exercise for healthy body. In fact I take healthy foods but do not do regular exercise for my health.


    • I’m like you health guy. My back problem prevents me from doing any physical exercise except walking and even that is limited, but I do make sure my diet is good.


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