Bee Venom could be used as a treatment for chronic back pain.

In a clinical trial, patients suffering from chronic lower back pain were given injections of bee venom.In the trial in South Korea, a group of patients were split up and half were given bee venom and the other half had ibuprofen for their treatment of lower back pain.

Another recent study of patients who had been hospitalised due to lower back pain were given acupuncture or bee venom and the outcome was that the venom treatment was more effective.

Bee venom has actually been used in traditional medicine for years. They think that compounds in the venom acts as painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

Trials continue.


  1. I have heard this before long time ago. Interesting if bee stings have anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects – sort of homeopathy type of thing – like treating like….??? Velly interesting :yes:


  2. I’ve been looking for a great story to publish in my website and this suffice my need. Do you mind if I make an article about this bee venom on my site too? And by the way, about the link on your other blog about arthritis, I cannot access the page. It says the page has a problem.


    • Hi, thanks for your comments on some of my posts. I shall look to see the problem with the arthritis link.

      With regards to the above post being used on your website, that is absolutely fine just as long as you have a link back to my blog post.

      Look forward to hearing from you.


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