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Athroscopy is used to treat some forms of joint pain.

It is a form of keyhole surgery used to look inside and repair any damage to the joints or to diagnose a joint problem.

The procedure is most commonly used on the knees, wrists, elbows, ankles and shoulders
A thin, flexible tube, with a camera on the end, is passed through a tiny incision in the skin under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic.

As well as allowing a surgeon to look inside a joint, an arthroscopy can also be used to treat a range of problems and conditions. For example, an arthroscopy can be used to:
repair damaged cartilage
remove fragments of loose bone or cartilage
treat frozen shoulder 


  1. Arthroscopy is a great tool. Not only for looking for being able to get straight to the injured spot.

    I had an removal operation on a cartilage thirty odd years ago. All bandaged up. After a night in hospital and then on crutches. Couple of weeks of minor pain and discomfort.

    Couple of years back I had an arthroscopy on the other knee: cartilage ok – scrape, scrape and removal of a bit of calcium on the aging knee. A retread the doctor said. Lightly bandaged and home in a couple of hours. i walked out the door without need of support this time.


  2. i have had this too. Amazing techique … though I smiled when a surgeon said it is an injury usually found in rugby players or horses.!!
    I had it done in day surgery … no problems at all.


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