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Stay flexible, if you are desk bound, move around every 30 minutes, do not get chained to your desk.

Stay strong, go swimming and walking regularly or as often as you can.

Steer clear of the driving range. Unfortunately golf swings are of no help to people with back problems.

Sit on a stability ball, try to sit on it for 15 minutes a day.

Watch your weight – I think we all know that excess weight can cause so many problems to our health that we should always watch our weight.

Don’t sleep on a hard bed. Believe or not these can really irritate back problems. If your staying in a Hotel ask if the bed is firm. Before now I have been known to buy a bed quilt and fold it to lie on as the bed was too hard, it just takes the pressure off your back.

Have a deep tissue massage – this can help back pain a great deal but make sure whoever gives it to you is fully qualified.

Stay hydrated.

Try not to pound the streets when you walk, make sure your shoes have a good cushioning.

Feel the pain sometimes rather than reaching straight out for the medication as it could be masking something.

Always, always, always bend the knees when picking up anything or bending down.

And for the women, don’t carry your life around in your handbag.

And for the men, don’t carry too much in your computer bag.

Don’t watch too much television without a break to walk around. Most people now save and watch their favourite programmes until later so that they don’t have to sit through the adverts, but this means you don’t get up and walk around.

Another one for the women, don’t wear high heels all the time. The long term effect can not only effect your back but also your feet.

Get an accurate clinical diagnosis if your pain does not settle down after a few weeks.

Don’t smoke, it has been proven that people who smoke are more likely to have lower back pain.

Never twist and bend at the same time.


17 thoughts on “TIPS FOR A HEALTHIER BACK…

  1. I heard something about this on the news today! People now can sit for up to five hoursat their terminal…I don’t think our bodies were made for such inactivity! Great post!xxx


  2. This is pretty good advice Barb.I remember an exercise for my foot – rolling it on a cold baked beans can. I keep the can in the fridge and exercise a few times daily. Forgotten some of the others. Must get a special support for my footwear. They were advertising it here late last year. This injury is slowing down my walking.


    • Thanks hutt, that sounds a good one for your foot. For my toe I was given an elastic band which I had to push against. Trouble is my daughter pinched it at Christmas for her exercise classes (cheeky monkey).

      Go and see a podiatrist to get the correct insoles and fitting. At the end of the day hutt, you can’t get anywhere without walking, your feet are very very precious.


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