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It takes a while to learn how to meditate but it is such a wonderful thing to master that it is definitely worth having a go at it.

It’s actually quite hard to just sit and meditate, but a simple way to give it a try is to light a candle and place it on the table in front of you.

Sit at the table and watch the card flame, concentrate on deep breathing, while watching the changing flickering flame.

Keeping your eyes occupied like this can make it easier to focus on your breathing.


    1. That’s ridiculous Hutt, go to A&E and get it checked. Sorry for late reply computer screen broke after last postings and only just got an ok’d laptop up and working. Felt like I’d had my arm chopped off :)):)) get to A&E !


      1. its been diagnosed Barb. I just dont like taking pain killers unless I have to. Keeping off the foot as much as possible, doing my exercises and then some pain killers. I can see a ‘doctor’, but my doctot only works part time at the medical clinic now.


      2. Hope you get it sorted soon hutt, and yes i’m still on this old sloooooooow computer, I cannot believe anything could be so slow. :))


      3. I’m still without my laptop – its nearly a week, its driving me crazy. It’s taken me nearly an hour just to post four posts !!!!!!!!!!


  1. Meditation helps to improve your quality of life and treat various psychological issues related to anger and stress management. Listen to Podcast of Dr. Robert Puff, Licensed Clinical Psychologist to improve these issues.


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