female spine

If you have a facebook page or an account with would you please vote for my back pain blog. It’s the 2012 Reader Choice Awards for the Best Back or Neck Pain Relief blog.

All you need is the name of my blog, Back Pain Blog and the blogs url – this is the link

Thanks a million.


20 thoughts on “PLEASE VOTE FOR ME…

  1. I hope you come in Number One! I quit Facebook last week because the ‘Pagans’ were all over my pages every morning, and I just did not have the heart to shoo them away. I did not mind Tylluan there, I adore her. Some of my other friends are very Christian, especially those from Texas, and they stopped communicating and so did a lot of other friends. Another lady kept posting abused animals in the act, such as a baby elephant at a zoo being trained with a hooked bar. And Moonwoman kept nagging me to say something on her Love Facebook page.
    So, I threw it away and wish I could have torn up all the pages. Some of them even stole my photos! Oh, and a Nigerian called Dennis kept asking me for money, so he could move away from those bad areass where a team of young Muslims are killing Christians up in Kano, where I once lived for eight months in 1964.
    It was all too much! Wish I could have voted for you last week, and then quit!
    I do hope all is well with you, Barmac.
    Much Love always: Charlotte


    • wondered where you had gone…now I know.
      And I have never posted ‘Pagan’ things up as you know.

      Open a new page and invite friends and set your profile for friends only as I have done.

      P xx


      • It is all my fault. I don’t know the first thing of how to handle my Facebook. I just opened it up, added my photos and hoped my friends would find me. Instead, in came all these strangers and they took over. I did my best to be friendly, but I lost a few friends who had no room to leave any messages!
        It was all my fault, and I don’t have anyone to show me what to do. Oh well!
        Thanks for your kindest words, Marika. XXX JW


      • No, its not your fault Charlotte, it’s actually the fault of facebook that these things can get like this. It should be simpler for you to understand in the first place. Anyway your friends on are a nice bunch. Take care, xx


      • Thank you so much for your kindest words, Barmac. Yes, I have never ever had any trouble with our friends on BCUK!
        I do hope you are not in pain this week. XXX


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