Back Pain2

Everyone knows the benefit walking can have on our health, but sometimes it can be quite hard to motivate yourself to get walking.

However, nowadays you have a choice of a number of different groups and organisations which will help get you on the right track. From ramblers associations to charity fund raising walking events.

There are a number of them on the internet which can make it quite difficult to know where to start. I have reviewed a number of them and will list the ones that I think look well a visit.

‘Walk the Walk’, has designed an exclusive range of walk wear in which all profits go to ‘Walk the Walk’ charity, which is a good place to start. It’s important that you have the right shoes on to walk in as the knock on affect of the wrong type could mean your back pain symptoms worsen.

‘Health Walk’, is a group led by an experienced walker, http://www.wfh.naturalengland.org.uk

‘Get Walking’, offers a 12 week free programme of led walks designed for beginners, http://www.getwalking.org

‘Walking for Health’, is a national organisation that runs free, guided well being walks.

The ‘Ramblers Association’, has 500 local groups, http://www.ramblers.org.uk

Some others which look good are http://www.go4awalk.com http://www.walkmate.co.uk and http://www.walking.org

A good charity walk is the London ‘Moon Walk’,
And for a cancer charity the ‘Pink Ribbon Walk’ is now a well established fund raising walk, http://www.pinkribbonwalk.org.uk

Did you know that at a pace of 4.5mph power walking can burn up as many calories as jogging?

A good way of finding out how much you are already walking to and from work is by tapping your start and finish postcode into the http://www.walkit.com website. It will then give you a route with a choice of direct or less busy routes and how long it will take you, and the number of calories you will burn.


    1. Thanks pp, they are excellent to get you going the walking groups, there are a number here with many taking you in all the woods in Nottinghamshire. 🙂


    1. lol, they were taken for a campaign to raise awareness to Back Pain last year in London. For one day people walked around London with the back of their coats and jackets ripped open. I keep forgetting that I know what its all about. :))


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