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I have a vague memory of my mum using a bio heat lamp for her troublesome Fibrocitis.

Today you do not often see them being used but they are still available. Extensive research conducted by leading hospitals and universities in China has shown conclusively that the BIOlamp, with it’s unique blend of 33 essential mineral infused Ceramic Heating Element, is one of the best methods of treating arthritic joint pain.

Therapeutic heat / Thermal mineral therapy can help to relieve the symptoms of arthritic pain and pain within the back, joints including knee, hips, legs, shoulders and wrist.

BIOlamp is an innovative ceramic mineral lamp which uses the tried and tested benefits of heat together with special electromagnetic waves to treat your stiff and aching joints.

It works similar to acupuncture, treating pain via acupoints but without the needles and is CE approved by the European Standard for Medical Electrical Devices.

For more details and for a list of stockists go to their website http://www.biolamps.com/

8 thoughts on “HEAT LAMPS FOR PAIN…”

  1. They used to stick them in the bathroom socket – infared health lamps they called them. I worked for Phillips Electrical back in the 1970;s, and they were one of their’s.


    1. Gosh that sounds dangerous, sticking them in the bathroom socket, I mean. I do like them but they are quite expensive. Shame you don’t still work for Phillips hutt, I might have got a discount.:)):))


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