We all know that being overweight does not help us with joint problems, but scientists have shown that if you are suffering from arthritis keeping excess weight off is essential.

The reason is that lower joints can cope with up to TEN times your body weight when you walk, which can really take its toll.

So, losing just seven pounds could take the equivalent of five stone of pressure off your knees every time you step.


    • Hi Katgerine, sorry to hear about your arthritis in your feet, I know how painful that can be and I also put nearly a stone on when mine was bad but since the op I have slowly managed to lose a stone and feel tons better 🙂


  1. That’s very interesting. I’ve always thought that some fats were essential for joints. The good oils like fish oils, olive oils etc. They are supposed to keep your joints supple right? I think there is always the danger of people losing weight in the wrong way which might not be beneficial.It’s so difficult to get it right! Correct nutrition is so important for well being… All the best:)


    • Yes, I agree with you m, but I must say since I lost a stone my pain is definitely less. I think we know our own bodies and are guided by the Doctors as to what to do 🙂


  2. I’ve come to this conclusion but failed to lose the weight despite cutting back on the portions as I was troubled for week with Sciatica and even now get a few twinges so walking does tend to be troublesome at times


    • I’m like that with my back though, good days and bad days. We are away in Banbury for a couple of days and yesterday I was in a lot of pain walking ( but it was raining) and today I’ve been fine. I guess we just have to make he most of when we are good. It’s much herder to lose weight when your not very mobile, I am trying to lose a pound a month for the rest of this year then that’s it.


  3. Have to say I don’t have arthritis but before I lost weight my joints were really suffering from aches and pains and very stiff etc etc but now I have no problems with them at all (touch wood)and I feel I’ve got my bounce back and feel years younger too.

    The older we get the more vital it is to keep the weight down and keep exercising :yes: because the heavier we are the less we feel like exercising and so put on more weight and feel even less like exercising and so on…..

    We are just going to always have to work at keeping the weight off and the exercise going!


    • You are so right dt on all you have said. Ive just been telling bda thar I am trying to lose one pound a month for the next twelve months to lose another 12 pounds and I would be quite happy with thar as at least I will have not put any on but lost some instead.

      Every little helps as they say 🙂 x


      • It does indeed…. I found I lost weight quite quickly and then got stuck and I’ve been stuck at the same weight and then losing a pound after AGES…. so if you succeed in losing a pound a month you’ll be doing very well indeed!!!x


      • Mmmm…….. 😳 Possible yes…. probable? sadly not in my case :)) Have lost ONE POUND since December…. I feel very pleased not to have put any weight on though…..


      • dt you are doing BRILLIANT to have not put any on since December. The nurse that I am under has the best attitude to weight loss and feels that just as long as you are losing a few ounces to make up a pound in a month then its nearly a stone at the end of the year. But what it does do with me is that putting some on is a definite NO NO and I haven’t since I started to cut down last August so just keep going like you are at the moment. WELL DONE :)xx


  4. One of the side effects of statins is muscular aches and pains. This can be offset by taking CoEnzyme Q10, which is safe and widely available. For more info there is an excellent book by GP Malcom Kendrick called the Great Cholesterol Con.
    Regarding weight loss it does seem to improve joint pains including back pain and I suspect that this is not only due to the reduced impact on the joints but also an improvement in diet, ie fewer pro-inflammatory foods, and an increase in exercise.


  5. I’ve been lucky and had no side effect with statins as I had all the problems before I started taking them but I had no idea about the Q10 helping in. Thanks for that information.


  6. Overweight and obesity is one major reason why arthritis occurs. This is why people should have a regular and consistent exercise schedule (I’m guilty for saying this). Sometimes I get too tired from work that keeps me from carrying out the routines.

    from How to Get Rid of Back Pain Guide


  7. I have just been dignosed-(?spelling) with arthritis so that info is relly going to help me out. I personally don’t think that the NHS dose enought for people my age that are dignosed-(?spelling ahain)with arthritis,but thanks for the info XD.


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